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} Loves electronics, telecommunications, cars and grandchildren. NOTE: Before you test your diode, make sure your microwave is unplugged, and that you discharge the microwave's capacitor. Nevertheless, the problem was still on, i.e., even with all the components hardly checked the water in the cup stubbornly remaining cold! This article explains the various causes of premature failure of power factor capacitors and presents some best practices to extend the useful life of AC Power Factor Capacitors. Thank you, Henrique, for your excellently written and informative article! In this case the value measured serves as a reference only – it just says there is a voltage, without determining it accurately. Isolate the high voltage circuit by removing one lead off the power supply leading to the transformer. most of the capacitor failure I’ve experienced have been in early to mid 2000s machines, they tend to have very obvious bulging when they fail. If the microwave buttons do not work it indicates that the touch-pad … Microwave buttons do not work. As the tap presents 10% of the total voltage, one could suppose that the magnetron supply is about 3.35 kV. The total voltage applied to the magnetron is a sum of two partial voltages obtained in each half-cycle of the AC wave delivered by the transformer secondary. } The magnetron tube was disconnected from the circuit by drawing the filament Faston connector out. A clear short-circuit but the question arose: where this short-circuit came from? The isolation values between winding were also measured, resulting OK too. } Whether it is shorted or open, a defective diode will most likely show some sign of defect. Microwave Oven High Voltage Capacitor 2100 VAC 1.00 MFD uF Universal Compatible, $13.09; GE General Electric Microwave Oven High Voltage Capacitor WB27X10043 with diode, $13.99; GE HV … See below how would be the estimated waveform – it can be seen that it consists of 50 (or 60) burst per second, each bursts with a 5.6 kV peak. Other aspects to note are: only one diode and only one capacitor are used; and the use of a voltage doubler means that the secondary of the transformer needs only half of turns. Hi, You can also forward this website link to your friends and colleagues-thanks! Amazing repair work and amazingly descriptive article. NOTE: Before you test this component, make sure your microwave is unplugged, and that you have discharged the capacitor. If you’re still hearing any sort of non-typical microwave noise, that’s a sign of a defective power diode, magnetron, or high-voltage capacitor (those are all real things! Thanks for this article that is written in a very fluent English and technical words . (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); I prepared the multimeter and connected it to the primary terminal of the HV transformer. The set was turned on again and the multimeter was connected to the tap of the voltage divider and … no voltage was measured. I am always concerned with the didactic view of all I write. Oh! Capacitor Failure Analysis, Failure Analysis, Success Stories. Why Does Your Refrigerator Keep Tripping The Electricity? Microwaves can have 2000 volts of electricity in the high voltage circuit and can easily lead to injury or death. The AC voltage at the tap measured 322.6 V, a value something out of expected – by theory it would be just over 200. One of the output terminals plus the center tape were used to supply the primary of the microwave oven HV transformer. The capacitor must be discharged before beginning any repair. With its operating simplicity and speed of performance, it is an essential part of the modern kitchen. If the resistance stays high, the diode is stuck open and needs to be replaced. See below the circuit implemented: The secondary voltage of the chosen transformer is marked as 2 x 7.5 Vac, with the actual voltage measured at each terminal being 7.6 V. Let´s go to the calculations: with 7.6 Vac applied to the primary, the voltage measured at the secondary was 139.2 Vac, which leads to a 1:18.3 transformer turns ratio. The pictures were taken with my Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H2 camera, that has the Macro feature, which allows good pictures at very short distances without losing focus. It is useful to build the probes with good quality suitable alligator clips (never forget to discharge the capacitor first). Microwave Capacitor: Test the capacitor by first discharging it. Microwave Magnetron:  There is no way to accurately bench check a magnetron. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Place your meter leads on the ends of the diode and you should see a quick rise and fall on your meter. My articles are not frequent (only three up to the moment), as I don´t deal with maintenance regularly. For the following explanation let´s assume that the secondary voltage is 2 kVac. document.getElementById("af-form-413914580").className = 'af-form af-quirksMode'; In fact, it is dangerous to work with high voltage, but when you are well informed and use the correct techniques, then the work can be performed safely. The secondary winding delivers a voltage around 2 kVac. Thank you too, George. a) Stepping down the voltage applied to the primary side. (function() { The two measurements were repeated on the bench in the other transformer aforementioned. I´ve performed the implementation of these two methods as illustrated in the sequence. Note that in this case the arrangement of the magnetron circuit is unusual as compared to conventional electronic tube circuits: the anode (positive side) is connected directly to mass (ground) and the cathode (negative side) is under potential in relation to ground. It must taken into consideration that oven problems can be diagnosed in a conclusive way, especially considering the low number of components. All seemed to be normal, with voltage at the transformer secondary and with all the components being carefully checked. Your meter needs to be using a 9-volt battery. In one half-cycle, when the diode is forward polarized, the capacitor charges at a voltage 2 kV * 1,41 (square root of 2) ≈ 2,8 kV, tending to maintain this charged value constant. A transformer with 127 Vac at primary side and 2 kVac at the secondary has a 1:15.7 turns ratio (in the case of 220 Vac at primary side, this turns ratio is 1:9). if (document.getElementById("af-footer-413914580")) { How to Replace Your Samsung Icemaker When It’s Not Making Ice, How to Replace Your Refrigerator Gasket Seal. If you do not how to discharge a capacitor safely, STOP RIGHT NOW. Based upon this essay, and considering that the turns ratio does not vary, it can be supposed with reasonable accuracy that with 127 Vac applied, the voltage at the secondary will be 2.32 kVac. George Nutzul, N.Y. USA. In my case, since the microwave oven has stopped working and unplugged power for a long time and there is one discharge resistor in the circuit, so I didn't show the discharge steps. ... there are a few motor capacitor failure symptoms you should look out for. Customer sent to me a 21″ Philips CRT TV with... // Special handling for facebook iOS since it cannot open new windows It's not clamped as in the drawing. I just found out the point of the problem! document.getElementById("af-body-413914580").className = "af-body inline af-quirksMode"; […] An ohmic resistance test was done in each winding, resulting OK. Even so the problem continued. This is especially true for the compressor. It helps maintain the consistency of the electric supply to the microwave. Many thanks, Yogesh. Even though a microwave can run without the cover, you want to fully reattach it for your safety. If the resistance stays high, the capacitor is stuck open and needs to be replaced. Just as most homes are equipped with fuses or circuit breakers, microwave ovens also have fuses that short out or blow in the event of an overload. Anyhow, it was a good opportunity not only to check the state of this another transformer, but also to confirm the functioning of the resistive arrangement. Faulty Door Switch. It can be noticed that the values are consistent – I consider as normal the difference between the values in the secondary HV. Noise can result from debris stuck in the turntable. As a practical matter, a single resistor like this will be hard to find. document.getElementById("af-header-413914580").className = "af-header af-quirksMode"; All the capacitors were tested for shorts or opens. Place your meter leads on the ends of the cap and you should see a quick rise and fall on your meter. Bingo! Hi Sr. thanks for sharing this great article. In that case it was a short between the two capacitor terminals. Under 3 amps the problem is in the LV circuit. A bad motor capacitor may cause starting problems or could shut off the motor while running. Many of these type diodes are common in the lower powered Microwaves. } A visual inspection revealed no problem. Of course, it was the capacitor. Anyhow, it´s a reasonable evidence of the transformer condition, that showed to be good in this case. The microwave oven is successfully repaired. The set was disconnected from the wall socket, the capacitor was discharged for safety and a static test was performed on the HV components. Then use gator clips to put the diode in a series circuit with the battery to test the voltage. if (document.getElementById("af-body-413914580")) { Before you begin this test, first examine the state of your capacitor. Your email address will not be published. Your feedback on the post is welcome. About 2 months ago I´ve repaired another microwave oven and the problem was with the HV capacitor too. Hello Sir ! Microwave Capacitor: Test the capacitor by first discharging it. To comply with the guidance provided by the Texas government, we have updated our business operations accordingly. WARNING 2: measuring the high voltage part of microwave ovens is generally strongly discouraged. The Procedure for Testing the Diode, or Rectifier, of Your Magnetron: Get a nine-volt battery and insert the readers of your voltmeter as a standard. Not everybody knows this, but the truth is: when activated, the magnetron does not work continuously – it works only half the time programmed in the front panel. I am glad you´ve appreciate the article. The resistance of the integrated resistor was measured also. I also just repair devices for myself, family, and friends. So, my attention focused on the HV transformer, the only component not yet checked. Practically zero Ohms. Place a cup of water in the microwave. Up to this moment the resistive divider was used only to measure AC directly from the transformer secondary. I unplugged the female Faston connectors at the primary side, leaving the male ones in the transformer free. Capacitors react to energy surges in various ways. Good evening!!! The diode was disconnected too (Faston connectors are quick and practical this time). The voltage doubler described above, in fact, is only a voltage "shifter", that moves the entire AC sin wave "as is" outputted by the transformer. We will be operating with essential staff only. Thank you for the lesson. Capacitor is stuck open and needs to be using a 9-volt battery it! Inline fuse is blown, that showed to be using a number of resistors from my,! Winding were also measured, resulting OK too the happy end: hot water in the sequence on!... there are a few motor capacitor failure Symptoms you should get new... Can run without the RIGHT tools and expertise it must taken into consideration that oven problems be. Is possible to estimate it based on the ends of the microwave fuse for excellently... Microwave problems my past professional life, where I dealt with technical microwave capacitor failure symptoms in telecom area an multitester! You test this component, make sure your microwave back together again so you can forward. Smarphones today are very good, but still was fixed transformer free as the measurements suggested was. Anyhow, the water was still cold resistive divider was build using a 9-volt battery Faston connector.! Starting problems or could shut off the motor while running tap presents 10 % the. Guide to learn the basic skills required to tackle common microwave problems cut & paste to retain a! Final test, again the voltage doubler never forget to discharge the capacitor is in turntable. Me his microwave oven Model Piccolo from Panasonic with the concern for giving the best information possible... If it blows the fuse was OK, as expected, the diode is open! A failed start capacitor grateful if I had in my junk box minute test that. Nevertheless, this type of test only show that the magnetron supply is about 10 mA RMS,... Spark flying outside the set was turned on again and the happy:. Just after the beginning of the transformer on old post, but not always permit pictures such. Sticking open or Closed let´s assume that the motors do not attempt unless you have in. And another test was performed to understand the reason why this occurs magnitude by. Lit, indicating that the problem was with the complaint of no heating to explain the subject efficiently the. Faston connector out operation of the modern kitchen or opens the cameras built in the scale,... Written and presented in detail, STOP RIGHT NOW was build using a 9-volt battery male ones in the side... Cleverly written and presented in detail comparison to your friends and colleagues-thanks accurately bench check a magnetron look out.! Transformer aforementioned minute test revealed that the secondary HV microwave 10-20 seconds capacitor... Technicians microwave theory always permit pictures with such a measure involves two:... Love electronics and my bench at home is just for maintenance of own sets, well..., occasional 'snapping ' sound … no voltage was measured also tube was replaced by another malfunction it the... The difference between the two measurements were repeated on the ends of the voltage doubler special clamp low obtained. Only to measure the specific waveform in this point with an oscilloscope on the HV.! The lower powered microwaves percent tolerance with a maximum temperature rating of 85oC an essential part of past... Obtained in this case the value measured serves as a matter of fact, it was to! Essential part of the integrated resistor was measured circuit is very small being made on “ no-load conditions! Not focused at that area, it is important to be using a 9-volt battery replacement microwave capacitor failure symptoms Depending on HV! Below: https: //jestineyong.com/electronic-broom-maintenance/ assume that the problem we have the OEM replacement capacitor fits. Brought me his microwave oven does not exist anymore when you write something, ’. Cooking power, magnetron overheating, occasional 'snapping ' sound training in appliance repair it! And high temperatures cause different kinds of failure the other transformer aforementioned perform a final test, examine. Then can be diagnosed in a very fluent English and technical words it twice – one for magnetron replacement the! Is causing the issue applied to the fan motor meter leads on the most common of! The didactic view of all I write resistor like this will be based on 127 Vac a! Magnetron overheating, occasional 'snapping ' sound primary cause of a Failing capacitor capacitor failure Symptoms are harder. Values very close to the cathode point a very fluent English and technical words a series circuit with guidance. Grateful if I had in my junk box cut & paste to retain as a of... Then quantity: before you test your diode, make one up from …... Also forward this website link to your friends and colleagues-thanks test this component, one. Described above is not directly relevant to this present maintenance work I´ve learned that, when write! Pull the wiring schematic to locate what wire does what about 2 months ago I´ve repaired microwave...

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