what is worsted weight yarn in south africa

a brown bird with a yellow beak and feet, but if you’re making multi-coloured amigurumi with colour changes within the pieces, or more complex shaping, I recommend you use my results (and/or do your own test first), to make sure the yarns you’ve selected are comparable in thickness, feel, and appearance before you start. Janeen Grose. How come no one in England knows what it is? Also known as Aran weight yarn, heavy worsted weight yarns are recommended for projects with a knitting gauge of 4 stitches per inch and a crochet gauge of 2.75 –3.5 single crochets per inch. Bernat Satin (pictured above) apparently has a WPI of 9, not the 12 I measured. Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a comment here! Only half the yarns I tested had crochet-specific gauge info, but according to those that did, you’d expect Vanna’s Choice (one of the heaviest yarns I tested) to be thinner than Red Heart Soft (among the lightest yarns in my test) – that’s clearly incorrect. Smoke and pet free home. For a slightly thicker option, a heavy worsted weight yarn adds more substance to your knits. I crochet with very consistent tension, as you can see by how even the stitches look in my amigurumi. 1 item | 48 All. I understand it’s a comparable thing but it seems to me that a measure of some sort can be had to better define yarns. Of the remaining four, they make 2 pairs in terms of weight, but the KnitPicks and Lion Brand are far softer than the Hobby Lobby and Michaels’ store brands, and have more sheen, so I wouldn’t mix them. Now click below for loads more crochet video and photo tutorials (and do let me know what else you’d like me to cover in future tutorials…). A higher WPI number means a finer yarn. All content copyright © 2006- Weight/ Yardage: 100g/208 yards I’m knitting an oversized cowl for a friend and noticed immediately that the yarn felt much thinner than I was used to. Ican see yarns being of different thicknesses when made by different companies although the standard for worsted weight #4 should mean all would be exactly the same. And i cannot for the life of me find anywhere to buy it locally to me! Milled: South Africa, Worsted Spun. The yarn itself even looks as though it was made by a different process. From shop DewKnit. I really could not ever find anyone that could give me such a simple description until now! As I understand it, American yarn weights (they always say "yarn", not "wool" like we do in the UK, don't know what you say in South Africa), are roughly as follows: Fingering - our 4-ply. To be safe, do your own visual comparison first and make a swatch to see if the yarns look comparable to you.). Product Fiber Weight Ply Gauge YDS Country of Origin Impression 70% Mohair | 30% Silk | lace weight | single-ply Lace Single N/A 420 yards | 384 meters South Africa Prairie 100% Superwash Merino Wool Lace Single N/A 840 yds | 768 m South Africa Euro Sock 100% Superwash Merino Wool Fingering / Sock 4-ply 26 - 30 sts = 4 Am I right? Condition is "New". What am I missing? I found your experiment very interesting. This yarn is generally very easy to handle and work with, since it is smooth and it is of a width that feels very right in the hand. This is a sort of densely-flocked yarn which has thick tufts that are almost woolly. Dye: Hand dyed Yarn origin. 48. Then the heavy weight is called Bulky. This ball is: 76 yards 2.5 In Australia we have 8ply which I think I equiv to Double Knit. !! and Japan Intelligent Robot Mowers Market– Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2025 The Leading Companies Competing in the Laminar Flow Hoods for Laboratories Market: Industry Forecast, 2020-2023 1 partially used skein 1 unused skein. Thickness, loft (bounciness), stretchiness, softness, shininess – all these properties vary wildly between different yarns all marked as worsted weight acrylic, and that’s why I usually recommend that you don’t mix yarns within an amigurumi. It was like knitting with rug wool, and, although, I loved the color, the result was simply too stiff to be comfortable, even after repeated washes. For garments, meeting the gauge (tension) given in the pattern is crucial, whatever yarn you use. Hi thanks for this info on Acrylic Yarn. Hello, there. Thanks June! Last year the crop here was dry and rough but this year it is a lot softer and feels slightly moist. Thank you so much! Some people will swap or sell unwanted yarn. Shipped with USPS First Class. A portion of the sale benefits Sacred Selections, a charity dedicated to assisting families financially through the adoption process. I actually created crochet samples a few years back to teach my students about the importance of gauge and some of the things that can affect it. I really appreciate all the lengths you’ve gone to, to help sort out the broad and frankly surprising differences in yarns all under the hood of worsted 4. Sorry I didn’t check for a FAQ first. Hi Jacqui, I’ve written a post to clarify the differences in yarn weight terminology; that should help you out! where can I buy worsted weight yarn in south africa? Sport weight yarn is a fine weight of yarn used for knitting and crochet projects. exciting challenge of being a wiseGEEK researcher and writer. Each hank of this worsted weight 100% pure wool comes in a generous 220 yards. Knitting is becoming so frustrating, and because it is so often connected to things like kids’ blankies (and they are VERY attached to these, even the older kids), it has a high emotional component that a non-knitter can never understand. Source of fiber: South Africa About this yarn ... About this yarn Merino Linen Worsted. I went to two different stores on the same day and bought the exact same yarn and color. Sumptuous Yarn by The Woven Co Made with love and 100% natural NZ fibre, 100% NZ Made. Weight. i’ve used red heart for decades, and am stuck as to what i can use for a sturdy acrylic. But as I’m looking for a trend, not the actual numbers, that doesn’t matter – I measured each of my samples using consistent methodology, so the thicker yarns will have a smaller WPI number in my test. Yardage: 225 yds | 100 g. Weight: Worsted. @Pharoah - Worsted weight acrylic Red Heart yarn is my favorite yarn to recommend to beginners. You’ve made my day. Menu. in the last several years, red heart changed their yarn, so that it’s no longer a workhorse yarn that can go through numerous bleach washings, survive anything that’s thrown at it, and has to be cut because it’s so strong that it can’t be broken by hand. CATEGORY 4 MEDIUM: WORSTED-WEIGHT, AFGHAN, ARAN YARN The most popular weight for knitting and crocheting. 5 out of 5 stars (357) 357 reviews $ 2.92. Matching the actual yarn weight is even more important with a garment – you may be able to match the specified gauge if you use a smaller hook with your thicker yarn, but that would leave you with a stiff, thick fabric (definitely not what you want for a garment)! I was going crazy because my project was coming out very small even thought I thought I was using the right yarn until I saw your post And learned that There are a different worsted weight yarns and this affects the final result of a project. Ericka. Worsted is the favourite yarn weight of our American customers. Weight Worsted (9 wpi) ? I will be referring and passing along this article to my crocheting friends!!! Even if you have used that brand and type of yarn before. Consequently, if you want a multi-color design to run and look consistent, you need to use the same brand. What am I missing? Sport weight - our Aran For this project (180 stitches over Lord knows how many rows), I had to go down to 7’s and the tension still isn’t ideal. As far back as the 12th century, this town was producing smooth, even yarn. Yarn Weight 2 Ply or Fingering 3 Ply 4 Ply Double Knitting Worsted Aran Chunky Super Chunky Other. What an amazing article! Hugs, Staples are commonly 2.5–4 inches (65–100 mm). What is worsted weight yarn a beginner s guide sheep and stitch all about yarn weights for knitting what is worsted weight yarn a beginner s guide sheep and stitch worsted weight yarn comparison planetjune by june gilbank blog ... Droewors Recipe South Africa. This was something that will help me to watch more carefully what I am buying in the future if I want the items I am making to be the same size and shape. My WPI results were consistently higher than the ones I found on Ravelry, e.g. Weight: Worsted Knitting Gauge: 4.5 - 5 sts = 1" on #6 - 9 needles (4.0mm-5.5mm) ... Chroma Worsted Yarn 161 customer reviews $11.99 / 100g ball No matter your taste in colors, we have a rainbow waiting for you! Hi June: TREASURED WARMTH - this yarn is READY TO SHIP! Brava if I can figure out a way to get my hands on some , (By the way, I hope nobody will take my comparison as a definitive list of which yarns are similar – yarns change all the time, and there are even a noticeable differences in thickness, shine, etc between different shades of the same yarn. Lightweight yarn is naturally physically lighter, since the strand of yarn is so fine, and products made with light yarns tend to be fine and lightweight as well. It used to be that a 2-ply yarn was roughly equivalent to a lace weight, while a 3-ply yarn might be similar to a DK weight. Thank you for this valuable information, particularly about the reduction of thickness in some brands. Thank goodness I searched first but I completely understand your frustration. Great for cable work and textured stitches that stand out, you’ll be impressed with the style and wearability of this yarn. Pure wool is heavier than 100% Acrylic yarn, so a 50 gram ball of pure new wool will have fewer metres than a 50 gram ball of acrylic yarn. Or we can get 4ply which is like finer baby weight yarn. Whites, on the other hand, tend to be thinner because of the bleaching processes. I crocheted a hippo anigurumi and the pattern said it would be 11.8″, I used Caron one pound because I like it, or Red Heart for amugurumi. Filter By. I enjoy knitting and crocheting and just wanted to mention that I have come across this same problem in my knitting projects. From shop DewKnit. And that’s another reason why it’s so important to make a gauge swatch before you dive into a large wearable project: to check that the fabric looks and feels good with the yarn you’ve chosen at the specified gauge. This needs to be calculated from the length of the yarn and not the weight. Suitable for sensitive skins and baby knits. Worsted is the favourite yarn weight of our American customers. 1 item | 48 All. or Loops & Threads Impeccable) would be the closest match, as they felt strong and tough so would probably have the sturdiness you’re looking for – in particular, I found Impeccable to be far too sturdy for my liking. And if I get the chance, I think I will visit Worstead in the summer. It also yields smooth, warm end products with a hefty feel to them. The weight of a ball of wool will vary depending on what the yarn is made out of. Changing yarn weight or needle size can have a significant impact on the finished project, so standardized systems have been spread about, as well as conversion systems for regional standards (especially needle sizes).. Yarn weight is important in achieving the correct gauge or tension for a particular project and can help with yarn substitution. Fibre Content: 100% merino from non-mulesed flocks. 5 out of 5 stars (357) 357 reviews $ 2.92. The other gauge information (for recommended hook/needle sizes and knitting) seemed equally random/incorrect compared with my tests. Condition is "Used". Importance. The Bernat Satin sample easily fits inside the Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice sample. South Africa Made Yarn Sort Featured Best selling Alphabetically, A-Z Alphabetically, Z-A Price, low to high Price, high to low Date, old to new Date, new to old Well mine came out almost 20″ Yikes!!! I’m afraid not, Anita – as this article is inspired by my amigurumi designs, which never get washed, this isn’t an area I can advise on; I don’t typically use these yarns to make garments. Gauge is so important and I feel that beginning crochet instructors/intro to crochet texts should put more of an emphasis on it. Thanks June. Want to say thanks? New Sirdar Country Classic Worsted, 100g. Now here’s the table again, this time with the yarns arranged in the same order as in the photos above. All of these fingering weight yarns are currently in stock and ready to ship! The Recycled Cotton, which is a new yarn that I was eager to try (and I like it tremendously), is 74% recycled cotton, 24% acrylic, and 2% other fiber. I hope you found my little experiment useful! I have noticed for a long time that lighter yarns are thinner. I’m not sure if I should use two hook sizes up to match the gauge or what. thank you both for your responses. They suggest you use an I-9, 5.5mm hook with it. For me, I like both, but I’d never want to mix them in one project. Yarn Weight 2 Ply or Fingering 3 Ply 4 Ply Double Knitting Worsted Aran Chunky Super Chunky Other. Merino Linen Worsted from Yama Yarn. Pasture wool was not carded: instead it was washed, gilled and combed using heated long-tooth metal combs, oiled and … Sometimes called double knitting (DK), it's the third thinnest yarn after lace and baby weight yarns, and just under worsted in thickness. Also known as Aran weight yarn, heavy worsted weight yarns are recommended for projects with a knitting gauge of 4 stitches per inch and a … i’m going to order one of each of your suggestions and try them out. Condition is "Used". We ask that if you use them in any publication that you advise us in an e-mail of your intention to use them and that the following credit line be given at least once in the document: Source: Craft Yarn Council's www.YarnStandards.com 60% Merino Wool, 30% Brown Masham Wool and 10% Mohair 10ply / worsted weight 18–20 sts / 10cm on size 4.00–5.00mm / US 6–8 100g / 218m Cumbria is a gorgeous blend of brown wool from the English masham sheep breed, fine S. American merino wool and Argentine mohair. Your research is very helpful – thanks – I wish I could but Caron simply soft in Cape Town as I would like to use it for a babette blanket. Again, thank you so much – tremendously helps!!! You will love the look of the earthy tones in this range. Yarn; Viewing as a guest user. I was starting to think I was crazy or just plain stupid. Thanks! The yarn is named for the village of Worstead in Norfolk, England. It seemed like only in the US did people know what it was! Does anyone know the equivalent of worsted weight yarn in French? Margaret, I found this post after googling “Caron yarn getting thinner”. This yarn is very popular with beginning knitters since it is easy to work with, and crafters can follow their stitches and patterns very easily when using it. It is so hard when trying to select a local yarn to a pattern. Hence, the term double knit. colorways. Here there are 12 wraps between the 3″ and 4″ markers on the ruler. I feel a trip to Worstead is in order! I live in Worstead, the place where the yarn was named after. sorry for being a bit off-topic, but thank you more than i can say for giving this some thought! I wish they understood it better as they blame me for sizing issues when they’ve used a yarn that is not recommended for their projects and the items turn out too large because of the size yarn they used. the latest batch that i bought was totally unusable, because it broke just by looking at it, and it wouldn’t even have survived a gentle handwashing. The pattern this will be used for is the aardvark, so proportions are quite important in relation to the nose length, etc. Oops, no, you misunderstood me, Jessica-Jean! I ordered the yarn online (Bernat Tiny Tickles, five 9-ounce balls for a total of $63.00) because I couldn’t find anything locally. For British knitters, I've found US Worsted Weight Yarn patterns knit up well in British Double Knit! Wintuk Tangerine 4 Ply Worsted Weight Acrylic Shrink Resistant Vintage yarn. An ideal weight for throws and many adult garments. About The Author. No one in my family can wear wool. One thing that you did not address is the fuzzy factor after the item is washed. My reply was to Anita’s question about how these yarns stand up to washing when they are used to make garments, which I couldn’t address from personal experience, as I don’t use these yarns to make garments, and my own amigurumi are never washed . All the other websites tell you what kind of yarn it is, but never where the name came from. Manufacturer’s are not always using fibers from the same source and many things can change how a fiber feels and reacts. I’m trying to make a hat that used Red Heart With Love and I’m using Hobby Lobby’s I Love This Yarn. If I'm ever in the UK, I will definitely make an effort to make it to Worstead. Plymouth Yarn Encore Knitting Worsted Weight 75% Acrylic 25% Wool Color 029. 100% Cotton 119 metres/130 yards 3.25mm - 4.00mm needles/hooks (US 3-6) 50gm ball 8ply/DK (light worsted) Made in South Africa Shipped with USPS First Class. I love it! Merino wool is generally less than 24.5 micrometres (microns) in diameter. A wonderful soft and full yarn that is a dream to knit with. Sirdar Country Classic worsted is soft, merino wool blend in a large and versatile palette of flattering shades. The Union of South Africa is one of the three leading mohair-producing sections in the world and is exceeded in production only by the United States and Turkey. I am sad that this rewarding phase seems to be coming to an end. I thought Simply soft and RH Soft were similar and thanks to your chart, was correct – great for substituting I agree with the different colors even within the same brand….wonder if it’s more dye added making the fiber heavier? Thank you for this! thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you! Highland Worsted also felts beautifully. I arranged all the flattened samples by size here so you can see the difference visually too – 0.3mm per stitch may not sound like much, but you can see that it really makes a difference, even in a small amigurumi piece: Flattened samples from the top – the height of the samples shows the stitch width variation, Flattened samples from the side – the height of the samples shows the stitch length variation. Anyway, the article is completely right that worsted weight yarn and yarn patterns are the best for beginner knitters. Please click through to my Yarn for Amigurumi post for details , Hi June, I am from South Africa, near Potchefstroom, NW. Just wanted to thank you for clarifying the differences and how to test for size from now on!! When it’s the same brand with the same name (as super saver for innstance) they should definitely be the same thickness. thank you for your guidance in your chart – very useful, especially when creating small items like bags, booties, caps, etc. So crocheting an amigurumi-style sample was the best way for me to ensure a consistent result for this test, plus it’s more relevant for amigurumi than a flat square swatch would be. Light, DK, double knitting, Light Worsted: Standard Weight 2 Fine, Sport, Baby, 4-ply, 5-ply, light DK: Standard Weight 4 Medium, Worsted, Aran, Afghan: Standard Weight 3 Light, DK, double knitting, Light Worsted: Standard Weight 5 Bulky, Chunky, Craft, Rug, Heavy Worsted: Standard Weight 4 Medium, Worsted, Aran, Afghan: Standard Weight 6 Super Bulky, Roving However, if you’ve inherited your great-grandmother’s knitting bag you may have needles with the old UK ratings so these have been included for your information. Amigurumi in general may be washed! The yarns I tested were just what I happened to have on hand; they may not match up exactly with the skeins in your stash. Filter | Sort | 1 item. I have been using our thicker DK, and adjusting the hook/needle size accordingly, but the size is not correct then. Historically, yarns weights were classified by plys in the UK. Knitting Reference – Needle Sizes. Don’t believe the gauge info when you’re comparing yarns for amigurumi! What is their problem I wonder. Many yarn companies produce worsted weight yarn in both natural and artificial fibers, and a range of colors are available. Source of fiber: South Africa, 22 micron minimum. It is “Scalloped Edge Cami” and very cute but the dimensions will definitely be tricky if the wrong yarn is used. The fluffiest yarn around from $94.80 $80.58. Some manufacturers bulk them up to compensate. Luxury yarn, indie dyed in small batches, with love from South Africa… Based on the manufacturer’s recommended gauge as listed on the ball band, this is an Aran weight (heavy worsted weight) yarn, not a DK (light worsted weight) yarn. The Union of South Africa is one of the three leading mohair-producing sections in the world and is exceeded in production only by the United States and Turkey. Thanks for any help you may give on this matter. Light worsted, heavy worsted opposed to just worsted. Drops lima every day yarn, wool and alpaca, 8 ply DK worsted weight yarn, feltable yarn, 4 strand sport yarn, yarn for sweater and hats DewKnit. I want to crochet a free pattern from Caron and perhaps adapt it some, but didn’t know how I could find it here. I flattened each cup to remove any inaccuracy from the 3D shape (it’s hard to measure an accurate diameter). (I offer more advice about gauge in my book Idiot’s Guides: Crochet.). Our favorite lace yarns Something else I’ve noticed…even with the same brand/type of yarn, the lighter colors will often be thinner with less WPI’s than the darker colors. Wow! Thank you so much for such valuable information. This is so helpful! Dye: Machine dyed. @anon30489 - The Worstead festival sounds awesome. These results aren’t so important if you’re making simple amigurumi e.g. Italics show the thinnest yarns, and bold shows the thickest. I just bought both of them at the same time and at the same store too. Mohair Yarn Production i actually did contact red heart, but had a rather unfortunate experience with their customer representative – ah, well. You may need to adjust this number if your pattern requires a particular number of stitches to work (e.g. Charlene, as I said at the top of the post, worsted weight (or #4) yarn is known as ’10-ply’ or ‘aran weight’ outside North America. This is an excellent visual! Viewing as a guest user. You are a truly generous soul!!! Thank you, this is very interesting and educational. This kind of crochet thread is very smooth. Do your own test: crochet or knit (or however you intend to craft these garments) a square swatch from each yarn you’re considering (in different colours so you remember which is which), then wash them as you would your garments, and see how they stand up. I hope you found this yarn comparison chart useful! The most important thing to always remerber when thinking about making a garment is to do a gauge swatch. a multiple of 8). I hand dyed with professional dyes in colors of burgandy, cranberry and magentas. That makes it sound pretty locked down, and that any yarn you choose that fits those requirements will be exactly the same. Great for cable work and textured stitches that stand out, you’ll be impressed with the style and wearability of this yarn. I thought they were stuffed toys – though smaller and more tightly made than many others. From shop DewKnit. Wraps per inch Meterage 197 yards (180 meters) Unit weight. I have never found any yarn that states it is 10ply? You can get away with using a DK weight though – again, not all yarns marked DK are the same, and some are quite similar to the ‘light worsted’ end of my scale above. Gauge: 4.5 - 5 sts / inch with 3.75 - 4.5 mm needle. Source of fiber: South Africa About this yarn ... About this yarn Merino Linen Worsted. I asked in so many shops after reading the name in my crochet guide and no one heard of it! Bookmarked. This is one of the best superwash yarns I've ever used. This is 8 ply worsted weight yarn and looks amazing in cables, complicated lace patterns as well as good old stockinette. Now if I could just find out what all the other ones stand for, I'll be a happy camper. Condition is "New". On the other hand, Angoras were taken to South Africa in 1838, and from this importation and later importations mohair production was established in that country. Interesting and ad revealing blog about yarn weights, and something which we all should do in our knitting and crocheting lives is to keep notebooks and samples of our yarn experiences. Which Tools do I Need to Begin Crocheting. The acrylic is really soft, machine washable, and (best of all) cheap. Just stumbled on this. I tried doubling it but the texture was wrong, and now am trying to alternate rows, but it’s a pain and doesn’t look very good. Machine wash & dry. 80% NZ Polwarth and 20% Alpaca Yarn 150m per ball 75grm Generous size ball, just one ball will make an adult beanie hat! I also did machine embroidery commercially and I’ve found yarn to follow similar specifications to embroidery thread. Weight: Medium/Worsted. Pair the brightest colors with your boldest projects, or choose a subdued shade for gentle waves of changing color. I am a pattern designer and have been telling my customers this for a long time. Gauge: 4.5-4.75 stitches per 1” on US 6-7 (4-4.5mm) needles. But it has only 185 yards, because the yarn weight is 4, which is worsted weight. Rich magenta wine yarn, the Song of the Sirens is very hard to resist! Of the yarns I tested above, I’d assume one of the store brands (Hobby Lobby I Love This Yarn! To get an accurate measurement, I measured over 10 stitches and 6 rows to get my average stitch heights and widths. 4oz=1 skein used to be the norm. Wintuk Tangerine 4 Ply Worsted Weight Acrylic Shrink Resistant Vintage yarn. New Sirdar Country Classic Worsted, 100g. Peruvian Highland Wool is a hybrid of native Corriedale with Merino resulting in loft, durability and fabulous stitch definition. This is an amazing yarn base. Choose from a soft, wearable palette of colorways. Thank you so much for this explanation! I took 8 samples of worsted weight acrylic yarns, choosing a different colour for each so we can recognise them later: Yarn thickness is often measured in terms of wraps per inch (WPI). As with any weight of yarn, fingering-weight yarns can be any kind of fiber and texture–you can certainly substitute fingering weight yarns into a pattern that suggests #10 crochet thread, keeping in mind the fact that the results may look somewhat different from the original. Worsted weight yarn is a medium width, smooth yarn that is used for a wide range of knitting projects, especially sweaters, hats, and throws. In fact, my very first knitting project was a scarf made with worsted weight yarn. URTH YARNS PLANTS A TREE IN AFRICA FOR EACH SKEIN PURCHASED. While this yarn is an enduring favorite with beginners, many experienced knitters also work with it on a regular basis, since this yarn is so versatile. What is worsted weight yarn a beginner s guide sheep and stitch all about yarn weights for knitting what is worsted weight yarn a beginner s guide sheep and stitch worsted weight yarn comparison planetjune by june gilbank blog ... Droewors Recipe South Africa. After verifying that the change in the yarn was real (old WPI 11, new WPI 12), I checked the ball bands from several skeins of old and new Satin. Makes it difficult. The issue is seldom talked about on knitting sites, and in fact this is the only reference I could find anywhere. If a manufacturer has decided to discontinue a particular shade, if he has sufficient, he will over-dye it rather than waste it. Thanks again for the work it took to put this comparison together for everyone. Filed under Crochet, Tutorials, Worsted weight acrylic yarn is what I use and recommend for my amigurumi designs. There is a particular company that has a huge library of designs for non-commercial customers and they use a particular thread company products. If you live in Norfolk or England and you can come to Worstead during the summer, we have a worstead festival and it's a really nice place to go.

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