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Counseled senior leaders on issues ranging from major change management initiatives and organizational structures to customer relationships and associate engagement. Monitored communication plan performance and continuously evaluated the plan against business goals and objectives to ensure the appropriate prioritization of tasks. Provided and built human resources content. They need to have knowledge of basic and advanced principles of communicology, public relations, marketing, management, economics, business and corporate communications. Designed, edited, and introduced marketing communications focusing on human resources, benefits, compensations, and open enrollment. Enhanced the associate brand by developing an internal communications strategy through various communication vehicles. Created media advisories, press releases and talking points. Internal Communications Manager. Provided strategic direction on multiple internal and executive engagement strategies. Directed strategy to redesign corporate intranet and other communication channels including a private social media platform for employees. Served as the first point of contact between potential clients and the company by utilizing LinkedIn, Twitter, and e-mail. Managed and developed content for Specialty Materials Intranet. Established new programs to promote strategic direction for well-established, privately held corporation and align communication channels between stakeholders. Internal Communications Developed and executed innovative storytelling strategies for key product launches, organizational changes and corporate strategic direction. Developed and implemented the internal communications plan for 2 business units. It’s about mapping out where you need to go, how you’ll get there, and what will happen next. It’s thinking before the action takes place. Collaborated with Human Resources, vendors, cross-functional teams and IT. Handled major corporate communications projects. Below you'll find our how-to section that will guide you through each section of a Communications Manager resume. Partnered with key individuals on company-wide initiatives to ensure consistency in message and delivery. Served as intranet manager/administrator and SharePoint 2007/2010 expert. Internal communications managers often need solid interpersonal skills because they are responsible for keeping the people in the company connected and aware of … Researched, wrote and granted approval of joint IT press releases. Led committee of 15 that launched new SharePoint site, increasing corporate transparency. By “planning”, we mean the ability to make plans, to organize, to arrange or to do the groundwork. Established and maintained connections with key stakeholders to verify content accuracy. Internal Communications Manager Manifest LLC - St. Louis, MO Developed and managed company's first formal employee onboarding program. Consulted with internal clients to define intranet business objectives and re-launch the division intranet. Develops and leads internal communications plans and engagement strategies to effectively influence, inform and inspire internal audiences Creates and implements internal communications strategies for organizational initiatives, such as Support Function Transformation So, use your internal communications to give different people a voice. Here are five soft and five hard Internal Communications skills to brush up on. Streamlined and updated corporate intranet to improve internal communications. But Internal Communications specialists must speak in public, talk one-on-one with senior business leaders, and work to influence and persuade an entire workforce. Collaborated with Human Resources to organize all-employee town meetings that consistently achieved favorability ratings in excess of 90%. Managed communication vehicles, including online employee newsletter and intranet content. A great project manager knows the difference between confidence and arrogance. Planned and orchestrated special events for employees. U.S. Patent: 10,454,911 Issue date: October 22, 2019, Measure the impact of Internal Communications, Collaborate within their team and across business functions to break down silos and, Research and gain insights into how employees are behaving, Plan and execute Internal Communications campaigns, Test new Internal Communications strategies and tactics. Developed strategic communication plans, providing recommendations to senior leadership. Provided communications counsel to all North American business units encompassing 23,000 employees in more than 65 manufacturing and distribution facilities. All of these Internal Communications skills are great enablers for the job, but they will mean little unless you are technologically literate. Planned and implemented strategic communications programs and practices company-wide. Provided executive communications strategy, counsel & communications support (speech writing, major employee announcements, etc.). Developed and implemented strategic communication plans for critical issues and key initiatives. - Measured the effectiveness of messaging and channels through yearly internal communications surveys. Below we've compiled a list of the most important skills for an Internal Communications Manager. Served in an integral corporate communications role during the merger that created the largest health benefits company in the United States. Basic Skills. If you’re the sort of worker who needs rigid parameters and a set list of tasks, then Internal Communications jobs are not for you. Managed strategic messaging to employees and key stakeholders regarding initiatives and priorities. In my experience, many of today’s leaders lack the basic levels of communication skills needed to be successful in today’s modern business world. Edited and wrote press releases; worked with the outside P.R. Collaborated with all levels of Management to consistently promote unified messages to internal and external audiences. Managed all communications programs for the Courtland, Alabama pulp and paper mill. Leadership is one of those words that gets used a lot in business, and its meaning is assumed — though it can mean different things to different people in different contexts. 172,898 Internal Communications Manager jobs available on Confidence is not inherent, and can be learned. If done well, … Collaborated within cross-functional team to support business goals and initiatives. Trained and motivated department staff to use new project management system, achieving 98 % usage. Developed press releases, brochures, and maintained content of both intra and internet web sites. Developed and executed internal communications plans for Human Resources, IT, Community Relations, and the Levi Strauss Foundation. Internal Communications Manager Sutter Health - Sacramento, CA 10/2008 - Current. Worked closely with domestic and global internal clients to create effective messaging. Provided communications support to the executive leadership team including speech writing and press statements for the president of the company. Launched major project to revamp SharePoint and digital signage design and framework. Managed Jabil News Network, producing monthly video updates, subtitled in 12 languages, on global business objectives. Understanding your audience, your culture, and your values and being able to reflect that in words that not only convey a message but inspire and influence takes experience and skill. Communication Managers are in charge of overseeing all internal and external communications for a company, ensuring its message is consistent and engaging. Prepared business, executive and organizational announcements, broadcast emails, and social media content. Created company wide communication program that resulted in 95% of participants stating improved understanding of company strategy and goals. Managed enterprise-wide employee and internal executive communications targeting more than 30,000 employees around the country. Managed logistics for division's new employee orientation sessions including preparation of agenda and review of all PowerPoint presentations. Hannah is always looking for ways to challenge the status quo and push ahead into the era of mobile, social, and on-demand-everything. Planned, coordinated and executed internal campaigns around key initiatives and product launches. Managed executive and internal communication strategies ensuring key messages were delivered to 140,000 HP Enterprise Services' employees in 80 countries. Managed all internal communications efforts for West Haven campus. Managed all internal and external communications programs in tough international environment. Supported executive communications in collaboration with business units. Managed all CEO and Executive communications to the business to ensure alignment with brand and culture. Served as account executive and point of contact for multiple internal clients. Designed and implemented internal marketing campaigns to employees regarding new programs and benefits, working closely with Administration and Human Resources. That means being in every manager meeting, help to promote different processes in the organization such as re-branding or acquisitions, and knowing which changes are needed in order to reach every single employee. Served as communications lead for Diversity Council to educate U.S. employees and directed company's first diversity-themed town hall meeting. Why is it important in Internal Communications? Developed internal communications plans and messages for two mergers/acquisitions and several layoffs. Reported directly to the VP of Corporate Communications. Developed internal and corporate PowerPoint presentations The Internal Communications specialist is there to act as a bridge between the business and its employees. Internal communications helps build out your organization’s culture. Featured. Championed successful Microsoft SharePoint implementation including intranet redesign, business process alignment, change management requirements, and content development. Directed Sonic Corporate Communications Council. Partnered with multiple departments to revamp executive intranet pages, standardizing and increasing agent recognition categories. Learn more about internal communication: PRWeek conference. Assisted Regional Manager and supervisors with special projects and administrative tasks. Programmed web to publish financial results concurrently with press releases. One of the most sought-after and important skills in Internal Communications jobs is the ability to truly listen, and to be able to turn what you hear into strong Internal Communications strategy that both moves the business forward while making employees feel like they are part of something special. “Business acumen as an Internal Communicator will put you leaps and bounds ahead of any other communicator out there, and help you to add value,” says Advita. Manager’s arrogance suppresses the team and makes them feel uncomfortable when sharing ideas and opinions. Provided termination scripting for Human Resources and Operations staff. Identified new potential community members by engaging with relevant Twitter followers. Manage communications for the DoD's premier manufacturer of ammunition. 5 votes Chase Dach. Designed 100-day internal communications plan for incoming CEO. Developed strategic communication plans with appropriate messaging. Led strategic internal campaigns to achieve specific executive and business goals. If you’re not organized and know how to plan, you’ll find you need for flexibility resulting in a total mess and lots of missed deadlines and objectives. Developed editorial calendar for 15 company newsletters so that information was aligned with corporate messages and business objectives. Resume SamplesThis page provides you with Communications Manager resume samples to use to create your own resume with our easy-to-use resume builder. Worked as part of new Enterprise Communications team to handle internal and external corporation communications for Executive Leadership Team members. Both internal and external Communications Manager’s job can be very dynamic. Served as communications consultant for internal clients at one of the world's leading pharmaceutical companies. Worked with the human resources organization on developing plans for improving employee engagement as well as mentoring and retention programs. Proposed and executed company-wide plan for utilizing intranet-streaming technology. Managed internal and executive communications for IBM s WebSphere software business unit. Designed, developed, managed, and maintained intranet sites to ensure consistency with overall company goals and strategies. The feeling or belief that you can do what you need to do, and do it well. Centralized communications strategy and execution, consolidating multiple publications into a single email newsletter and intranet, with unified branding. Internal Communications Resume Examples & Samples. Revolutionized PSCM newsletter, with HTML email summaries leading readers to SharePoint newsletter collaboration site. Leveraged a global re-branding initiative to overhaul internal user experience in all communication vehicles. Provided communications support for rollout of large ERP manufacturing project. Supported the Director of Marketing and Communications with nationwide external communication efforts. Managed communications efforts for organization's back office operations, including IT, Finance and Facilities. Internal business emails can be used to communicate almost any and all types of information. Assembled a new company intranet by combining two existing sites after a merger, improving communication, and eliminating duplication. Copywriting, though, is the ability to put concepts into words in a way that is engaging and persuasive. Managed content development and implementation of bi-annual survey of internal marketing efforts to sales audience. Managed crisis communications for executive compensation and reduced employee health benefits issues. Worked closely with upper management to discuss corporate communications strategies. Communication skills are tested from the first moment. Collaborated with social media, public relations and marketing teams for delivery of consistent messaging to internal and external audiences. Advised and briefed legislators on both traditional and digital communications strategies; developed Facebook and Twitter accounts for key officials. Collaborated closely with external communications and media relations teams to protect the company's reputation. Developed comprehensive and proactive communication strategy that supported of mission, vision and values, business plans and corporate strategic priorities. Create robust communications plans, edit and manage intranet content. Developed and executed a comprehensive internal communications plan for this newly-formed billion dollar division. Before analyzing the questions, I want you to understand something: From the first look you give them and the first handshake, the hiring managers observe your verbal and non-verbal communication. Developed internal communications strategies to communicate key initiatives to employees and medical staff. Created HealthNow University top-level intranet section to showcase paths to advancement within company. Designed and maintained corporate website, and implemented several process improvements to business operations. In today’s business world, technology is the focal point for everything — from the way we do our work to how we communicate with each other. Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another person or group of people — to put yourself in their shoes and see the world through their eyes. Designed and developed internal communication strategy that was a benchmark for other Digital business units. Writing, interviewing and editing skills; knowledge of AP style; writing for mass internal employee audiences; social … Supervised communications efforts for 10,000+ employees at all Heinz North America and American Samoa facilities (approximately 20 locations). “You don’t have to be a financial expert, but to make an impact you do need to have business acumen, to understand how business works, and what drives CEOs and MDs,” says Advita Patel, Chair of the CIPR Inside Committee, adding that terms like EBITDA, profit and loss will come up in meetings with senior leaders. Developed press releases and responses for incident communications. Redesigned employee intranet following company reorganization, training 450 global employee content managers and communicating impact to global associates. Establish an internal communications strategy in conjunction with senior managers 2. Indeed, I am often shocked at how many managers and leaders I meet where I am left feeling that their poor communication skills are holding themselves and the business back. Migrated intranet to new content management format and established daily publishing schedule. In addition, they should be familiar with the media industry and the basic principles of journalism. Initiated optimum content development by proactively seeking and securing interviews with high-level decision-makers. Provided communications support to firm executives as part of firm-wide change communications efforts. Improved operational governance via deployment of asset management system, single project delivery process and single project management model. Developed all video, photo, and print communications to support Senior management, Advertising and Human Resources personnel. Worked with upper and executive leadership to develop communications for sensitive internal actions. Partnered with key functional leaders, including Human Resources, Community Affairs, Finance and IT to develop comprehensive communication plans. Support approximately 6,000 employees through internal and external communications. Created internal communications strategies that impulse HSBCs Groups initiatives, key messages and brand values to targeted audiences. Having a working knowledge of what it means to run a business, and being able to speak the language of business leaders. Led communications strategy around TAS Diversity and Inclusion efforts. Promoted staff understanding and support of Group Health's business objectives through effective internal communications. First, provide communication coaching to help those that are interested in honing their communication skills. It’s aligned to, though distinct from, persuasion, another key soft skill for Internal Communicators. Created an internal crisis communications plan and workflow and served as a key member of the Disaster Recovery Team. Directed change from traditional PR program to one incorporating metric-based content marketing. Organized internal events, corporate campaigns, and leadership workshops. Managed freelance writers to ensure consistency in messaging, content and quality of work. Developed internal communications documents for the Intranet and other internal communication vehicles. Led internal communications activities for 8 countries of the region. Below we've compiled a list of the most important skills for an Internal Communications Manager. With experience coordinating enterprise sales and implementations, Hannah leads the Sales & Customer Success teams at Red e App to help companies transform internal communications by connecting the global non-desk workforce. Developed messaging for C-suite leaders to drive employee engagement and awareness of top priorities and issues. Assigned additional special projects to the general managers throughout the year. Let's find out what skills an Internal Communications Manager actually needs in order to be successful in the workplace. Developed and implemented communications strategies to promote the therapeutic business units and their leaders. The distinction has been described as the difference between having a vision of the optimum outcome and motivating people to work towards that vision (influence), and presenting a case in such a way as to sway the opinion of others (persuasion). Conceived and produced internal special events to promote and educate employees on new products and services. “While it has a tactical application, it’s absolutely strategic. Organized and managed employee and community special events. An internal email can be created in the form of a newsletter, event notification, company policy change, announcement, meeting request, status update, appreciation, etc. Produced weekly Intranet staff newsletter, ensuring accuracy and timely distribution across global divisions. Led internal communications staff, providing strategic direction, as well as ongoing coaching and mentorship. Integrated internal and external communications functions to provide single, unified voice for company. Think of it as self-belief. Managed various internal communications programs. Prepared and edited internal and external communications for executive-level management. Transformed previously archaic intranet into a dynamic website improving communication flow. Counseled Executive Leadership Team on communications best practice, including channel use, audience identification and strategy. Today’s Internal Communications specialist must know how to use technology to: When you combine these hard and soft Internal Communications skills with tech literacy, you’ll be ready to take the next leap in your Internal Communications career. Crafted a variety of corporate communications including executive announcements, briefing documents, scripts, and speaking points.

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