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Choosing to remove one is a strategic decision with consequences. The truth is that these are all just theories, none of which have been backed by actual scientific research. Believe it or not, trimming should begin several days before harvest, when the larger fan leaves are removed. Reducing microclimates that can harbor molds and mildews. Tips for removing fan leaves: When learning new techniques or working with new genetics, it’s always a good idea to start small and be conservative. When performed incorrectly, schwazzing and other forms of extreme leaf defoliation can cause significant harm, including complete crop failure. Trimming fan leaves is nothing new to cultivation. Schwazzing involves stripping your plants of all fan leaves beneath the top two or three nodes at two key times: Once at the start of the bloom phase, and again at the beginning of the third week of bloom. But when they feed their bodies the right nutrition afterward, the muscles repair themselves and become even stronger than they were before. Just after harvest, the leaves that need to be trimmed are still full of water (turgid). To be successful, your feminized hemp seeds must be healthy and viable, and the growing medium must be carefully formulated to provide the nutrients and structure necessary for these small seeds to sprout. Grow Hack: How to Use a UV Lamp to Increase THC, Police Raid Club of 'F**K It I Quit' Reporter Turned Pot Activist. Turgid leaves are firm leaves, which make for easy cutting. Remove fan leaves. But what’s the research say about the schwazze – or any method of heavy pruning, for that matter? Before you cut any kolas or branches, remove the larger fan leaves. Once the leaves are gone, air circulation will improve, light will hit the ground and bounce back up again increasing light to lower branches. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The schwazzing technique, also called simply “schwazze,” is a rather extreme means of trimming fan leaves during the flowering stage. Leaves at the bottom of the plant that receives little light can be pruned. I sometimes give them a "hair-cut" (trim the very edges of the leaves around the bud) I put them on a paper plate and dry them the same as the fan leaves. Don't remove fan leaves especially during flowering. As with other methods of heavy defoliation, the idea behind schwazzing is to increase yield by providing maximum light penetration and reducing or eliminating shade spots, while redirecting the plant’s energy to the top budding sites. Either way will work. When defoliating in the vegetative stage, you should start by taking off troublesome fan leaves (big leaves with many “fingers”). Check Out Our Nutrients These methods of removing fan leaves, along with schwazzing, are often referred to as high-stress training, or HST. Required fields are marked *. If you do choose to remove a leaf, start with any yellow or damaged ones and work your way up the plant, starting from the bottom where leaves are less important to the overall cause. Share This Page. Step one in reaping the rewards of your cannabis plants is knowing when they are ripe and ready for harvest. Dear Gradatim, So, in the case of schwazzing, the idea is to cause some level of damage and stress to the plant by removing its leaves, but afterward provide a precise regimen of macro-, micro- and secondary nutrients to replace all the nutrition lost through the heavy defoliation. Following are the ideal environmental conditions and timeline for drying: Day 1 — 3:65 degrees at 55% humidity; Day 4 — 6:70 degrees at 50% humidity Removing Big Leaves from Marijuana Plants. Browse Our Products Subscribe for exclusive news, deals and more! If there is, do not cut that leaf off. Cut off the buds one by one – You should start from the top and work your way downwards chopping down those buds. You will most likely only reduce your harvest by doing this, a few weeks before harvest is usually when you stop feeding nutrients and the plant will pull any required nutrients from those fan leaves. Where To Buy Our Products Slowing stretch in some genial pools, which can allow for lower canopies to form – a plus for many growers. If you’ve been growing therapeutic plants for a while, you’re likely familiar with the multitude of various pruning and defoliation techniques. but tahts just me Use a magnifier to look at the trichomes. If your already into flowering dont do it. If a fan leaf covers a growing tip that you’d like to get more light to, instead of pulling it off, try tucking it underneath another branch. Nutrient Calculator The Truth About Removing Fan Leaves Using The Schwazzing Technique. Here are some of the key functions leaves play: An analogy that Haupt uses to explain the schwazze methodology goes something like this: A person who goes to the gym and trains hard with heavy weights actually tears down their muscle tissues. Experienced growers often choose to trim large fan leaves in the period before harvest to allow closer access to all the side branches and their leaves and buds. For example, in the early growth stage, you can prune your plants as they start to become bushy. All content rights reserved. The potential gain of removing a healthy leaf must be weighed against the potential loss of growth incurred. Depending on the conditions of your drying room, you may want to remove the bigger fan leaves (aka defoliating) before harvesting, this is basically the same as wet trimming but the main difference is that it can be done before chopping your plants. Leaves are the site of transpiration, where CO2 is taken in and oxygen and water vapor are released. This is a good idea, especially once these leaves begin paling from green to yellow in color. Essential carbohydrates are produced in the leaves through photosynthesis. cut off fan leaves before harvest? Definitely trim the fan leaves off your pot plant. Wholesale Inquiries Fan leaves that create shadows over budding sites should be pruned to increase light penetration throughout the canopy, rather than just the tops. Keeping away the critters and the mildews may seem challenging, but putting to use best practices of … When possible, try to take leaves lower down on the plant, and in the middle of the plant. Lolipopping is cutting off all the leaves near harvest, to as they say, to allow the energy to go to the buds. This type of defoliation can have other benefits as well, including: Clearly, the schwazzing method has worked well for Haupt, who has said he and his team have surpassed four pounds per light in the years since releasing the book. If you cut open the stems of the leaves and leave them on your plant, it creates a vector (or access point) for infections. Here at Advanced Nutrients, our mission is to help growers just like you get the best possible results in their gardens. You … Replies: 7 Views: 2,190. donkeydicknugs Nov 13, 2011. DEFOLIATION: WHEN FAN LEAVES GET THE CHOP. The I hang the little leaves that are in with the buds up to dry. Is it wise to remove all my fan leaves and shape up my sugar leaves before i cut down my plants? and to allow them to heal before I chop as u don't want that hay smell. If you remove the fan leaves and feed nutrients right up to harvest may help but will also increase your curing time. Grower Support Remove big fan leafs – before starting the harvest process I usually like to remove all the fan leaves so I have a better view and access to all the bud sides and branches. One thing to keep in mind is that you should prune in intervals, giving at least a couple weeks between each session. Harvesting at the optimal time is crucial in ensuring you get the largest possible, highest-quality yield. 3. No one knows exactly why heavy defoliation during flowering may cause bigger bud growth, and the fact is that these extreme methods can be risky. I've seen and done the results myself the stems on plants I've used extended dark on plants and had cracks and splits where the stem had enlarged. A lot of growers’ despair at the thought of removing leaves early. Here’s what to look for when planning to remove fan leaves during veg: You can remove fan leaves during flowering in much the same way you do during veg. It’s absolutely free. but I extract the hashoil from them seperatley (stronger hash for my own greedy self ) They will darken and fill out. Fan leaves that are growing inward toward the plant should be removed. In more recent years, growers have devised all sorts of defoliation methods, including lollipopping, topping and fimming. belsyz April 19, 2017, 5:45pm #2 I do, or at least try to, remove as many fan leaves as possible just before harvest. 'Skuff' is the term for when you are starting off with leftover leaves and trimmings. Again, the first step is to remove any large fan leaves (a.k.a. And, just like topping is an amazing method for autoflowers to produce more yields, defoliation is also en … Your email address will not be published. Get notified of our the latest cannabis news, exclusive brand deals, events updates and more! You will be amazed at how big the lower bud sites get. These are the larger leaves that are green, and with no “sugar.” 3. Bud sites that are lower down on the plant may be removed so that the plant can focus on the bud sites closer to the top. What you will sacrifice most by taking off a fan leaf is the side branch on its root. Growers often trim away such fan leaves in … The bottom line is, schwazzing is an expert-level technique that should only be attempted by highly experienced growers working under precise, finely tuned conditions. Leaves are integral to the production and transport of crucial hormones needed for flowering. You can receive articles like this one directly to your inbox by signing up for our newsletter. Then, not unlike the powder that deposits in some grinders, you can harvest these for the 'skuff' you can use use to make hash oil. Some growers remove many of the smaller leaves at this stage too, but if you are not in a hurry it is beneficial to leave them on throughout cutting and drying. Prune away large leaves that are overshadowing bud sites, as well as dead or dying fan leaves. You’re looking to remove leaves that are laying on top of each other (which can create wet spots, leading to mold). Over the past few years, though, a new method of removing fan leaves has emerged – and it’s been the center of much debate within the grow community. The good news is, there are plenty of more moderate approaches to pruning that the everyday grower can implement without the high risk involved with schwazzing. Inicio » Tips » Removing Big Leaves from Marijuana Plants. Defoliating before harvesting. Instead, pull downwards on the leaf until you feel the base of the leaf’s stem come off of the plant with a satisfying pop. It needs to be a jeweler’s loupe or something similar. 2. Carbohydrates, water and other critical nutrients are stored in the leaves. With fewer outer leaves covering the … Cannabis Harvesting & Processing forum at International Cannagraphic Magazine. Strip ALL fan leaves as you head into flowering. water leaves). Pulling Fan leaves off before harvest. Chanting Down Babylon: The CIA & The Death of Bob Marley, House To Vote On Bill Allowing Cannabis Research With State-Licensed Products, Red White & Bloom Launches High Times Branded Cannabis Products In Michigan, The Official High Times Field Guide to Marijuana Strains, Cannabis: A Beginner's Guide to Growing Marijuana. That open stem is a great way for something like PM to get into your plant. I pull off all the leaves 3 days before harvest. In the weeks following pruning, you’ll typically notice a burst of growth. Danny Danko is a writer, photographer and the Senior Cultivation Editor of High Times magazine. While Haupt and other growers have found success using the schwazzing technique of removing fan leaves, it is not recommended for the beginner or amateur grower. Ensuring your crops receive the full spectrum of macro-, micro- and secondary nutrients is one of the most productive things you can do in the pursuit of large, potent, high-quality yields. And the best part? Trimming after the buds have already dried is known as a “dry trim” since your buds will already be dried before you trim off the sugar leaves. Some growers suggest that these extreme pruning methods trigger a fight-or-flight defense mechanism in plants, which causes stronger flowering as they try to survive by making themselves undesirable to a perceived attacker. Fan leaves are vital structures, but too many can be a bad thing. This is often easiest when the plant is still standing. With topping, you only cut off the tips whereas defoliation demands that you remove the fan leaves or any leaves obstructing light from reaching the bottom parts of the plant.

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