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You may well want to become a “pack rat”, collecting everything related to your work. Physically, it's a collection of things - tangible materials - that represent work-related events in ... • Samples of brochures, flyers made College portfolio examples. Can you think of a career & job position where an individual must have a portfolio? If you want to make a portfolio but don’t know where to start, perhaps you should take a look at these student portfolio examples in various formats: PDFs, websites, Google Sites and magazines. 1. A portfolio is a collection of the best examples of your work. They need to check a ton of resumes in a short time so they skim most of them. You can use the Career Portfolio to learn about skills that employers and graduate schools value most, build a personal View the Portfolio Sampler in PDF format. The project section of this career portfolio is composed of two slides. Since 1974, when I completed my first consulting assignment, I have been building a career in A portfolio is a portable collection of documents that describe, support and highlight your achievements, qualifications and skills. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. • Use tabs or title pages to divide each secti on. Arts & Sciences Biological Science • Introduction and table of contents . h�b```�����@�����9N20p�8��xS:^��A6�A�}��H���'���n$y��,Y93ʇ����7�ڣ�*IF�%�$�N�>�ؒ��tM�� E-portfolios or online portfolios provide the same information as a traditional career portfolio but in an online format. You can use tools such as Pathbrite, Figdig, or Carbonmade to create an E-portfolio and then provide the link to prospective employers and your network. A portfolio contains samples of your work that exhibit and reveal the quality and variety of your learning, your accomplishments, your skills, Your personal portfolio is a compilation of relevant work samples and documents gathered during your school years and presented in a structured manner. ���6�ۅo��!́4��u�3*���:V�3f���'�k,}�ֻD�g���#�rG �� ~G JpZ#�� ��r�8�g%����g[w`�+��V.�&��~䴝�A��?�g U/�`ߕ��j_>����a�zR�}=�g=i�޸���U�#8������R�c/�[))�h�G�bc1������Z&��΃�l�����d���K�6�B��yFB9��|*�8��` y™T endstream endobj startxref 3. Our first slide starts with 3 lines of text. $���Xs@��@�+$�$��D�L&F} ���+����o� �� H�\��n�@�Ὧb��"2��L,!$B�ET�0��Z*�2΂��||Q* x�=��8�v���9�ߧs�Os8�C7���}jS8��~(�U��v��u�lO�X����z��i7��j���e���nӝ�(�M]���-�����C��?锆9,�z�t��K3~mN)��c�._���C>��1���{IL{��el�45�[*V��Z��k~��4t�]�. While there may be things that you will need to work on, there is a wealth of career options that can be found for those who are willing to do a little work. Use the first project slide as an introduction for your work sample. Need a simple, easy-to-create portfolio? CAREER PORTFOLIO WHAT IS IT The Career Portfolio is an online tool created by the Florida State University Career Center to present your skills and experiences to prospective employers, graduate schools, and other organizations. endstream endobj 1188 0 obj <>stream A professional portfolio can be created and used for any discipline or profession (teaching, art, research, nursing, journalism, etc.) The first step in portfolio preparation is collection. y��xűjڔ�W��x�V�fL� pq��+����Ҍ��0�邔(�j{v��S� �]K iM�,�`��h`��h`�� R�@C��� � �:�@�`��� �@1�"F0 RÐd�F Y��0��@i��&�r �̴ 2E���(a�c�)�X ]:@CC�L@�&2p]VҜ@,N����\�T6�;55d���q��u��h��s� �ڮ7� 1184 0 obj <> endobj Although the portfolio is designed for special education students, best practices indicate that all students should be involved in these activities. Careers portfolio Careers Portfolio Portfolios provide you with a personal record of your success or improvement in a range of areas. Do so, and you’ll start seeing results – we promise. Every serious job seeker needs a well-constructed personal online career brand Career WebFolio ©. 3. Your portfolio consists of a professionally written resume, a stand-alone personal career webprofile, a well-written online LinkedIn piece, and an effective Social Media presence online. This portfolio and guide is not to be used exclusively with special education students and teachers but implemented in general education programs. Convert these to PDF files. Combine PDFs into a single PDF file, cover page is first. EDUCATIONAL GOAL STATEMENT. Even presenting your work in a presentable and elegant manner is an art which is covered by a career portfolio that comprises of collection of all the materials and portable articles that you can utilize effectively in validating your abilities about a certain field. Look at what a work portfolio is and how to create one. The resume keywordsand content are important but scannability is critical. 1202 0 obj <>stream :Z /�fj�e � How should my career portfolio look? This might include: • Journal reflections • Samples of evaluations by professors, peers, and supervisors • Field experience evaluation forms, e.g. 112 0 obj <> endobj 122 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<1632D82ABE79D8F428C99D4C6BB1D527><6666C614F9884B7D9C7918997C6E96D0>]/Index[112 25]/Info 111 0 R/Length 64/Prev 463706/Root 113 0 R/Size 137/Type/XRef/W[1 2 1]>>stream h�bbd``b`���A��� b5 �l Q�$R5@b ��L���,Fr����_ �� endstream endobj startxref 0 %%EOF 136 0 obj <>stream Gather/Organize your works together in one place. h�bbd``b`���@�G �� ��WE�*ʪn���3{��w����hKKK �̸�%y�BA��J+} A portfolio contains samples of your work that exhibit and reveal the quality and variety of your learning, your accomplishments, your skills, and your experiences. They are essential and relevant to your own career development. These items may include electronic versions of their portfolio, videotapes hޜT�N�@��yl�"�e�&!$H� My Career Portfolio is a great place to store these items. The Portfolio Sampler is also available in PDF format. You will add to it regularly as you master certain skills relevant to your career objectives. Ask … CAREER PORTFOLIO Latonya R. Clark Area Program Specialist, Illinois SCSEP 2. Decide which works to include (7-12 is average). To open the PDF file, you will need Adobe's Acrobat Reader, which you can download for free; then configure your browser to launch Acrobat whenever you download a pdf file. These specimens are ideal for any individual who might want to incorporate examples of their work with their resume without making a different portfolio. • Do not use original documents . 28 Images of Career Portfolio Template Word | Table Of Contents Template – 10+ Free Word, PDF, PSD Documents … Job Search Portfolio – Career Goods While it may take you a little time and effort to prepare your portfolio, that work could pay off if your portfolio helps you land the job of your dreams. Your Career/Education/Life Planning Portfolio Your career/education/life planning portfolio is a tool you can use to present your unique employment skills to a potential employer on a job interview. � �P!Lb%�9F-߳�&$�PZY������=�RK���T��8�@�)�J�,�^Rh�-���I��f1L"��nߧ���8�L���`���U=_td�*�Tye��+F�r�!xG�;9Y����5���ߥ�Q���O��岾o���W/+QuDM��rU�������M�ˮ���8_��r�\׹&�w�7�eE����w�<=T)4���ݺ-n�Vغ�#�;�!�A�6���n��u�7�z;���.�������V��>F��x��J&�c�J�����UH�9a[*�f�bs�T�\��1�48O' Y�H)I�G\�C���U��M���4Dz�j�ɸ@�a�&TF�l�_�U:�HĀv�� *cK�*2ґu�:�ǜ�{�goQE� ��d����4W %%EOF A career portfolio provides you an opportunity to showcase your achievements and samples of your work product to give potential employers a better idea of what you bring to the table. Career Development Guidelines (NCDG). What Is A Career Portfolio? %PDF-1.6 %���� ... career field of security and privacy and require a college degree in order to do so. Because the samples are contained in a computer document, I can quickly modify the content, captions, and … Thank you for this opportunity to write to you about my potential for assisting a career guidance organization, and my value to those who seek to explore and pursue career options. • Three (3) samples of your work • Any official school transcripts • Copies/photos of your work, personal interests and achievements The portfolio will stay with you for your entire career. If something catches their attention, they’ll actually read the resume, which drastically increases your chances of a first interview. School is a time of transition. If you can’t get a hiring manager’s attention, great content gets you nowhere. Hopefully, this sample job interview portfolio has inspired you to go create your own. Also, you might note that this sample career portfolio uses scanned images and typed text rather than original artifacts. A career portfolio is a visual representation of your abilities, skills, capabilities, knowledge, qualities - and it represents your potential. No matter what kind of work you do, it showcases what you excel at. Career Portfolio for Peter G. Raeth, Ph.D. - 4 - 7 November 2011 . Students will include a sample of their writing, which exemplifies their ability to communicate effectively about an applied psychology topic. 0 A career presentation portfolio is a tool that puts together all the best samples of your work. The importance of conten… Your career portfolio should contain samples of work and other documentation of your skills and credentials that employers in your Students may include other samples of their communication skills and ability to effectively use technology. ��z I7��G��������g�QIq10���YW �j��^�2F� z)S Following up students. In this post, we’ll take you through nine UX design portfolio best practices, complete with awesome portfolio examples from around the web. Do you find yourself claiming about your skill set when it comes to job placements or expertise-based opportunities? Education, learning, and training serve as the bridge between school and world of work. internships • … View the Next Page of the Portfolio Sampler. Maximize Your Job Search with a Career Portfolio Created Date: As a result, it becomes a “virtual” portfolio. Student portfolio examples and samples. Career Portfolio Of Ryan Stiles Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. endstream endobj 1185 0 obj <>/Metadata 121 0 R/Outlines 185 0 R/PageLayout/OneColumn/Pages 1174 0 R/StructTreeRoot 216 0 R/Type/Catalog>> endobj 1186 0 obj <>/Font<>>>/Rotate 0/StructParents 0/Type/Page>> endobj 1187 0 obj <>stream ���n�Z�jxcA�J;]�}��7r�f9�Ť�f�5��Z#���ծJ3�-9'u��T�������\GѨ`�����XV��x�iNK�학��D�;��lYVݷ��"�y��� • Organize work samples into skill areas . 1195 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<55D323FA8A231C4A90823EAFEBC902D7>]/Index[1184 19]/Info 1183 0 R/Length 69/Prev 765429/Root 1185 0 R/Size 1203/Type/XRef/W[1 2 1]>>stream Your portfolio may “live” in two phases: A Personal Working Portfolio – very comprehensive and detailed A Professional Presentation Portfolio – tailored from your h�b```�f ��A�XX��� \��S�!Ɯ1� K��*_��eY&I�a`=���a�!����}/sR��� ��G����lft`x�~Cj���5�l��0>X�K^���2i�� These Resume Portfolio Templates are ideal for imaginative callings who need to demonstrate their innovativeness and grandstand work and achievements outwardly. Powerpoint portfolio examples would help if you always looked at your career regarding what you want it for, not what you already have. • A career portfolio is a visual representation of your abilities, skills, capabilities, knowledge, qualities and it represents your potential. Name the file “1stName_LastName_Portfolio” E.g. Whether you’re starting from scratch or breathing new life into your existing portfolio, there are certain ground rules you’ll need to bear in mind. For more interview and job hunt advice, be sure to check out Made to Hire to learn how to achieve your career goals.

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